Quote for the day: ‘…viruses are concerns not just for the police, medicine, science and the experts, but for the entire collective imagination; this is because there is more to them than mere episodic events in an irrational world. They embody the entire logic of our system, and are merely, so to speak, the points at which that logic crystallizes spectacularly. Their power is a power of irradiation and their effect, through the media, within the imagination, is itself a viral one.’ Jean Baudrillard, Screened Out.
It is with great regret that we cancel this year’s festival. The co-op members felt that given the uncertainty, it is best to cancel at this stage, before things get busier and so that people are not inconvenienced closer to the date.
There is no long weekend available later in the year (the school has a reunion over Labour Weekend) so we look to the same programme next year.
Thank you for your enthusiasm and support – and our apologies.
Heoi ano na



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